Train To Busan Review



Here is my review of the South Korean zombie film, 'Train to Busan'.


"Train to Busan is the zombie film we have unknowingly been waiting for; the combination of a great narrative paired with the direction that keeps the tension turned all the way up to produce an instant classic that any zombie connoisseur must see."


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Shaun of the Dead, 'Whats the plan?'



This is a short animation based on one of the key scenes from the cult film 'Shaun of the Dead'.


Animated and Developed by Mitchell Cork.


The original video was worked on and published on the now defunct youtube channel MNTV.


NO COPY RIGHT INTENDED. This is purely for educational purposes.


Check out the film -

An Interview With Humza Arshad



An interview with the comedian and YouTube star, Humza Arshad. We were able to sit down and interview the then rising star about his experience in the comedy game so far.


Directed, Edited and Interviewed by Mitchell Cork.

Shot and Produced by Nathan Hayward.


The original video was worked on in collaboration with Nathan Hayward and published on the now defunct youtube channel MNTV.


Humza's Youtube -




'post·mor·tem' is a film that follows a coroner as he investigates and surgically examines the corpse of a young female as he tries to figure out the cause of death.


Created, Directed and Animated by Mitchell Cork.


Music by Sebastian Peters.


This is the film I submitted on the 6th of May as the cumulative work on my Final Major Project for year 3 of my 3D Animation and Game design course at Middlesex university.

The Frozen



'The Frozen' is a film that attempts to bring a short insight into the fickle and shallow nature of pop-culture, and 'idealistic' places like Hollywood...


Created and Directed by Mitchell Cork.

Animated by Mitchell Cork and Benjamin Moss


'The Frozen' is written and performed by Corey Taylor, and is property of him, the band Stone Sour, and Roadrunner Records.


NO COPY RIGHT INTENDED. This is purely for educational purposes. Check out Stone Sour -





I am a post-graduate from Middlesex University with a full BA Hons degree in 3D Animation and Game Design. I look forward to working with you.


Name: Mitchell Cork

Date of birth: 24th May 1995

Nationality: British

Address: London Based

Phone: 07802 207524


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