Assets from postĀ·morĀ·tem


This film was based on a coroners lab, a very sterile setting with particular items; therefore there were a vast number of medical instruments I had to create.





Below I have given examples of the types of renders I like to produce:

Environments, Assets and Characters.

The following include tests, visualisations and random ideas.



A collection of environmental tests


Before I create a new composition in CG, I always start out by thinking about the mood and feeling I want to create; from there, I decide on the best render settings to bring my vision to life.



Character tests' from my films


When I design characters, my priority is how best can my style serve the narrative. Because of my tendancy to stylise my films, I enjoy playing around in the uncanny valley when it comes to the look of my characters.



I am a post-graduate from Middlesex University with a full BA Hons degree in 3D Animation and Game Design. I look forward to working with you.


Name: Mitchell Cork

Date of birth: 24th May 1995

Nationality: British

Address: London Based

Phone: 07802 207524


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